Fully Automatic
All Briggs & Stratton® switches monitor utility and generator voltages and will automatically connect to the appropriate source of power. 100 and 200 amp switches are capable of “whole house” power transfer in residential/small business applications.

Exclusive Design
Each switch is UL approved, custom-made, and dedicated exclusively for Briggs & Stratton® Power Products Home Generator Systems. They can reduce overall cost and give you exactly what you need for your home or small business.

Supervisory Control
This industrial-grade component features a control panel with red and green LED lights indicating the power sources available. They also have two relay operated contacts that allow the user to manage external loads during a power outage.

Light Weight/Easy to Install
Efficient component selection has resulted in switch gear optimization for a lightweight product solution to residential/small business installations. Five wires – three 120/240 VAC, and two utility supply wires, (for battery charger and optional battery warmer and oil heater) allow for efficient one person installation.

Computer Friendly
All Home Generator System switches feature Automatic Voltage Regulation to ensure a safe and stable sine wave to sensitive electronics.

EEPROM – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
All Briggs & Stratton® Transfer Switches feature non-volatile memory, so when the power goes out, the transfer switch “remembers” its programming once power is restored. The switch never has to be programmed or reprogrammed once it is installed.

Variable Engine Warm-Up
All of our switches feature 20/50 second warm-up options: 20 seconds for warm weather starts or a 50 second setting when the generator requires additional start time in colder climates.

Safety Features
All transfer switches are solenoid-operated from utility or generator inputs. They contain electrical interlock switches to eliminate the possibility of dangerous back-feed to a line during an outage.