Cost for a Standby Generator

How much is it going to cost?

That is the question many people first ask when thinking about a home standby generator system.

Here are some ball park figuresfor installed home generator systems:

  • Partial home Basis 8 kw generator system- $4,600-$5,200
  • Partial home 10 kw – 13 kw generator system- %5,400-$6,400
  • Whole house power on a 10 mw -13 kw generator system- $5,600-$6,600
  • Whole house with electric heat on a 17 kw – 20 kw generator system- $7,500-$8,500


We work with GE Capital financing and offer promotional financing with monthly payment ratios as low as 1.25%and interest rates as low as 0% designed to meet any budget. Let #rinkergenerator help you keep your loved ones and home safe in case of a disaster.


Option 1                                                                                      Option 2

Partial 8kw- $4,600 for $57/month                                              Partial 13 kw-$6,400 for $80/month

Whole 10kw-$5,600 for $70/month                                             Whole 20kw- $8,500 for $106/ month

*these are estimated installation costs and payments*  costs vary due to a wide range of factors