Automatic Generators For Small Businesses

Keeping a business open during an outage often times can make or break the inventory or services provided by that business. . It’s installed outside your business (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically — whether you’re open or closed. Within seconds of a power outage an automatic generator will deliver power to the building.

  • Prevent spoilage of perishables in refrigerator or freezers.
  • Protect property from weather damage, such as freezing
    of pipes or flooding due to inoperable sump pumps.

  • Avoid having to move out of a building due to repairs needed hindering the running of daily business.

  • Vandalism is reduced by continuing to occupy building.

  • Maintain a safe and comfortable environment for those who may occupy the residence such as an apartment complex or assisted living.

  • Generators are safer electric space heating. A fireplace, or portable kerosene or propane heaters have potential to cause carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and deaths when not consistently monitored.

  • If you have a home based business, both personal and business is not disturbed.

Especially in a business, the impact of any kind of loss in the business will take time and hard earned money to repair.

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